Monday, September 17, 2007

Vyasa Puja 2007

Guru Maharaja's Slovenian / Croatian Vyasa Puja this year was being held at ISKCON Ljubljana, Slovenia on Saturday, September 15th.
Guru Maharaja spent a lot of time in this temple. We performed the ceremony in the sannyasi room, the same room Guru Maharaj would usually be staying, where he was giving us all a lot of his association, where he was answering our questions, cutting the knots. In this way, the atmosphere was very nice, brotherly and remebering Guru Maharaja was much easier.

Guru Maharaja on his Vyasasan.

The program started with bhajan and abhiseka. Everybody had a chance to take part.

After the abhiseka we listened to Guru Maharajas class "Take shelter of association", recorded at a Sunday Feast Program in Ljubljana in 96.
Reading the offerings followed, where everybody was welcome to read or say their offerings or words of praise.
We offered Guru Maharaja a feast (ofcourse including pizza, ice cream, cake and Cockta:) and performed arati along with the chanting of Sri Guru-vandana prayers.

After that, everybody who attanded and all the temple devotees and the guests moved to the temple room, to take prasad.

The altar we set by Guru Maharaja's side. Srila Prabhupada, Gaura Nitai and Radha Rasabihari of Juhu, Mumbai, Sthanu Narasimha and Karala Vadana.

A lot of devotees took part in making this festival as nice as it was. Thank you very much:

Bharat Das, Jyotir Maya Das and Margatita Das for cooking the feast
Gandharvika Dasi, Savitri Dasi, Lalita Dasi, Jayanti Dasi and Janak Maharaj Das for adding the "sweetness" to prasadam and for the garlands
Bhakta Darko, Bhakta Saso and Bhakta Dejan for helping the kitchen crew
Bhakta Rok, Bhaktin Sabina and Gauracandranana Dasi for decoration and garlands
Shyamarani Dasi and Jayananda for decorating the Vyasasan
Sindhukanya Dasi for donating the flowers
Lalita Govinda Das for the ice cream and the extra-cheese pizza
Ananta Das, teh TP of Ljubljana for kindly facilitating us(and offering tech support)
Sanatana Goswami Das for creating the wonderful VP web page
Mayapur Das for bringing Guru Maharaja's lotus feet

And ofcourse everybody else who took the time and offered any service or anything to Guru Maharaja and his disciples on this day.

Special thanks go to the devotees who donated any amount of Laksmi and made this event possible:
Janak Maharaj Das (with the family), Hanuman Das, Lalita Dasi, Hridayananda Das, Gargamuni Das, Savitri Dasi. (Kindly forgive us if we forgot to mention your name).

Savitri Dasi invited all of us to celebrate this event in their home in Bjelovar, Croatia next year!