Friday, January 26, 2007

Sridhar Swami appears in dreams

On 3Oth Dec. 2006 It was Vaikuntha Ekadasi. I entered through Vaikuntha Gate at Tirupati Balaji Temple and took darshan of Bhagwan Balaji. (The Golden Gate is opened only once a year on Vaikuntha Ekadasi.) I also took darshan on the night of 31st Dec. 2006 and 1st Jan. 2007. It is mentioned in the scriptures that the gates of Vaikuntha are opened upon leaving this body for those who take this darshan on Tirumala Hills.

In the early morning hours of 3rd Jan. 2007, by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, HH Shridhar Maharaja appeared in my dream and gave me maha-prasadam. He blessed me and directed me to chant with faith.

For a conditioned soul like me it is not possible to understand the lila of acharyas in disciplic succession like Shridhar Maharaja. I am fully convinced that HH Shridhar Maharaja has entered Goloka and is also trying for other souls to go back to GODHEAD.

Omprakash Agrawal