Monday, December 25, 2006

An interesting trip to the mountains

During Guru Maharaja's visit to Slovenia in 2002, the disciples took Guru Maharaja to a trip to the mountains. It turned out really funny with Guru Maharaja showing his jolly nature.

Guru Maharaja liked jogging. This time, everybody joined running up-hill singing devotional songs to the famous US Marine tune. Ofcourse, Guru Maharaja leading and all the rest following: "Lord Caitanya's Moon is rising, which is not at all surprising. We are all prasadam devotees and we are chanting HARIBOL!" and so on.

His Holiness, like always, relishing The Lord's Holy Names. Finishing the up-hill mountain jogging, the devotees sat down to chant Hare Krishna and hear Krishna-katha.

Now the realy funny thing happened when Guru Maharaja noticed a devotee had brought a guitar along. He took the guitar in his hands and sang, "There is a house in New Orleans...". everybody started laughing at once, ofcourse.

His Holiness Sridhar Swami was always an expert in dealing with devotees. Althought sometimes sharp as a razor, in his heart he was always loving and jolly, only concerned about inspiring others to stay and progress in the association of devotees.