Monday, December 4, 2006


Srila Sridhar Swami loved lemons....He used to squeeze them on his meals-on his morning fruits and on vegetables during lunch.He used to say that they brought out more flavor.
After completing His samadhi Mandir,in spring 2005 , we were thinking abot what flowers and trees possibly we could plant around it.Amongst first to my mind came lemons.After two days,we met HG Tridandi Prabhu,Guru Maharaja's Godbrother from Italy, who in February 2004 brought excellent ayurvedic doctor from South India to Mayapur ,in final attempt to keep Guru Maharaja on the planet.
He told us:"I had a dream in which Sridhar Maharaja said to me that he wants lemon trees near His Samadhi Mandir."
This is first lemon fruit from the 7 lemon trees in Guru Maharaja's Samadhi garden.